Goverment of Canada

PKU (or Phenylketonuria) is an absence or deficiency of the Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Enzyme (PHE), which is responsible for converting the essential amino acid “Phenylalanine’ into another amino acid called ‘Tyrosine’ for use by the body. Without PHE, the Phenylalanine will build up abnormally in the blood and is toxic to the brain tissue.

Without treatment this can cause serious or life threatening side effects such as brain damage!

Treatment consists of Formula and Specially modified ‘low-protein’ foods, which have the phenylalanine extracted from them. These foods are expensive and can add hundreds of dollars to the monthly grocery bill.

Because these foods are so expensive, yet necessary for the individual’s survival, people with PKU often find themselves financially overwhelmed. In most places worldwide the formula is covered by the government, however the food is not. Having FULL COVERAGE of Low Protein foods is essential in PKU treatment.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Government of Canada, to recognize Canadians with PKU as special needs citizens that qualify for FULL COVERAGE within the Medical Services Plan as a medical requirement for their continued health and well being.

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