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With Covid-19, many Countries, States, Counties and Communities have placed into effect various restrictions with NJ being one of the most restricted for the longest period of time. Speaking directly for residents of Pitman, who have not had much to experience or even to look forward to since restrictions were put into place in March 2020. Recently, Pitman Borough Council Announced the decision to postpone the 4th of July parade and fireworks. These are outdoor events and traditions that young to old look forward to every year to Celebrate the birthday of the "Free" Country we live.

The 4th of July celebrations (specifically the parade and fireworks), are outdoor events that can be viewed across many town blocks. If residents feel uncomfortable, then they can choose not to attend. People know social distancing rules which should be followed (no different than the grocery store, the park, or a protest). When our "leaders" take the oath they vow to defend and support the constitution, this isn't just for the words that are on paper but for the freedom of our Country and the Patriotism that we ALL should show.

This petition is for Pitman Borough Council and/or the Parade Committee to rescind their decision to not hold these events and rather put energy toward keeping their patriotism and focussing on mitigations to still hold these events under the circumstances we are in. Anyone can put off issues, cancel events etc. but it takes a true leader to look at something and make it work for the benefit of the citizens they are sworn to lead.

The residents of the Borough of Pitman, and the residents of the surrounding communities, who take pride in the Celebration of the United States of America on July 4, request that the Borough of Pitman, Mayor and Council rescind their decision to postpone the July 4, 2020 parade and fireworks and/or recommend to the parade committee that they rescind their decision. In addition, we request them to plan on holding the events and plan mitigations to keep the spectators and participants safe during such events.

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