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Now, I'm sure you've seen stories on the news about how somebody died from a pit bull attack. But what the media never said was how it was the owners fault. There is something wrong with the way this breed gets bad reputations just because of a few bad "seeds" in the bunch. Yes, I understand that it was the dog who killed/hurt/maimed the person it attacked, but pit bulls are vicious if trained to be!

There is a new bill that democrats want to get passed called SB 861. It's mainly in San Fransisco, California, but where will it strike next? Texas? Colorado? New York? It's unthinkable how ignorant people want to ban a certain breed of dog because of their "viciousness". In a way, this is like genocide.

Think about this; imagine you are a Jewish person, being killed because you are a Jew. Now, place yourself into the pit bulls paws and imagine that you're in a loving home, getting fed regularly, having some kids play with you and then BAM! You hear the words "I'm sorry girl/boy. You have to go." and then you're put to sleep. And it's because you look "dangerous."

Is that fair? No. It's not. Think of all the families that are being torn up because their best friend is a pit bull or pit bull mix.

Pits, pit mixes and other dogs that look like like pits are feared because of bad media. People will actually raise pit bulls to be fighting dos and they'll train them to fight other pit bulls to the death. Bets are placed on the two dogs, the owners take them off their chains and let them go. The dogs go at each other, biting, clawing, ripping into each other until one f the dogs drops dead from the wounds or having their throats ripped out.

Hence forth, a reason pits get bad reputations. Another reason they get bad coverage is because people are too ignorant to see the truth that it is not the dog's fault, but whoever raised them's fault instead.

Please, I ask of you, to try and give these beautiful and loving creatures a chance. Give them a chance to show that they really are sweet, loving, and caring.

Please Care becuase it's not only pitbulls but also ANY dog or any animal for that matter that will attack if it is TRAINED to be that way. It's not the animals' fault, it's the OWNERS'!!

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