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With the internet, children are more venerable than ever, in a matter of seconds a paedophile could be talking to a young girl or boy under the age of 16.

Even with parental controls the youngsters aren’t safe. The easiest way for a paedophile to get a child’s email address is through networking sites such as, MySpace, Bebo and Facebook.

See Netlog for yourself at www.netlog.com

The site this petition is aimed at is called Netlog, which has recently changed its name from facebox.

Although it’s not as popular as its rivals, Netlog still has thousands of members from all round the world, and I ask you to put you name to this petition to stop young girls and boys putting half naked pictures on their profiles.

I believe Netlog should delete the pictures which are currently on there for anyone to see, I also believe Netlog should create a zero tolerance policy on members who decide to break the rules put in place.

So I ask you to sign this petition (which will be sent to Netlog in about 2 month’s time) and help make the internet safer for our children!

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