the catholic heirarchy in vatican city

Philippines is the only Christian country in the far east and in fact 81-85 % of its population are catholics, but sad to say our country has only 3 members in the college of cardinals, 2 are electors. Of these 2, 1 will be left in 2010 because the other will turn 80 years old, the age that a cardinal cannot vote in a conclave.

There are several excellent archbishops in the country but they are not given any attention by the Vatican. Most always italians, europeans, americans and latin- americans are given the cardinalitial powers but the far-east has not.

We, the overwhelming youth in this only catholic nation in the far-east, request to his holiness Pope BenedictXV1 to include our own archbishops in your next consistory.

People in our country feel sad because in the near years another filipino cardinal will be eliminated in the members of the cardinal electors of our church. We know you love your people in the far-east.

Please grant our request to you our holy father.

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