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United States President Joe Biden
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Pets are dependents. They are totally reliant on their family, person, or people to care for them. Just as a child, they are helpless in caring for themselves adequately and in all basic needs. I have had pets of various kinds my entire 53years. I have witnessed the euthanizing because no finances were available to care for them. I have witnessed the abandonment as well as seen the many shelters full because people can no longer financially afford them. I believe in allowing affordable insurance, tax credits, and acknowledgment of pets as the family member they are, more animals will be cared for like they should be. Biblically, the animals were placed here first and Adam and Eve was given the instruction to care for them Humanely. Many animals are now emotional and health support companions, as well as K-9 Officers and used in US Military. I myself have 2 mixed breed dog companions. I do not have biological children but God blessed me with these 2 furry creations to love and care for. They are dependent on me for food, water, shelter, and health.
That is why President Biden needs to allow pets as dependents, Because they depend on us! Gov. Regulations could make people show valid and consistent vet records

We are requesting government recognition of our pet companions as Dependent Family Members.
Including but not limiting to the recognition for tax credits and affordable healthcare with assistance when needed. Also, eliminating the discrimination from housing!

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