#Human Rights
UBC Detachment of the RCMP

In 1985 the RCMP wanted a service road to be built to and along Wreck Beach. This would have destroyed the very beach it was meant to serve. The Wrech Beach preservation Society started a petition, without benefit of internet or social media and were still able to collect 12,144 Signatures against the road in less than 44 days. The signatures were from all over the world, but 83% of them were from the Lower Mainland, and 150 countries were also represented.

Since then subsequently in August of 1985 the Vancouver board of Parks and Recreation unanimously turned down the RCMP proposal. Police have patrolled the beach with the GVRD Rangers on a regular basis. One year recently they lined up in oppressive rows behind beach users for hours at a time, which put a damper on the free-spirited nature of Wreck Beach. They along with the GVRD, have also implemented a ban on Wreck Beach users being able to enjoy sunsets from the beach.

People are asked to leave before sunset instead of being allowed to stay for the after-glow which is 30 minutes after sunset. The Tent although well meaning would be seen as another repressive step instead of the intended community building that it’s meant to represent.

We the signees below want it understood that we:

1. Believe Wreck Beach is one of the safest beaches in the Lower Mainland;

2. Police ourselves and call the RCMP as needed;

3. Stop hard drug vending if we see anyone attempting to sell on the Beach.;

4. Welcome all peoples to our inclusive community down here, clothed or unclothed, so long as their behaviors are acceptable.

5. Do Not Engage in “overt sexual acts” on our beach and ask that RCMP quit accusing us of that!

6. Welcome RCMP Community Policing and West Area Parks on their regular patrols.

7. Invite RCMP to bring in Vancouver City Police’s Marine Patrol in an attempt to curb dangerous boating practices particularly the unsafe operation of jet skis in the Trail 6 swimming area and the disruptively loud music of the party boats rafted together.

8. Are dismayed at the negative publicity toward the beach by the RCMP especially since drug and alcohol use is no worse than at textile beaches in the Lower Mainland. We suggest road blocks be installed to the North and South of the top of Trail 6 from 5 P.M. to 9 P.M in a re-allocation of Staffing.

9. Ask the RCMP to quit insisting that Wreck Beach is a dangerous place.

10. Ask the RCMP to re-consider a five-hour-day presence by implementing a tent on the beach and instead, substitute manpower in the form of roadblocks on Marine Drive, along with regular beach patrols in the true spirit of community policing.

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