Town Council of Southington CT
United States of America

Southington CT currently has no noise ordinance and the residence have no protection against excessive noise exposure.

We, the undersigned registered voters and residents of The Town of Southington CT, petition The Southington CT Town Council to adopt a local noise ordinance to help protect the health and well-being of all of the residents in town.

The absence of a local noise ordinance currently leaves the residents of Southington CT without quantitative and explicit protection from excessive noise exposure.

The adopted noise ordinance shall be a copy of The Connecticut regulations for the Control of Noise in all ways except one; the section 22a-69-3.7 which grants permanent decibel allowances to existing noise sources built prior 1978 shall be omitted. The Connecticut Noise Regulations have been enforced by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) since their effective date of June 15, 1978. We feel as though any property (i.e. industry, commercial, and residential) which has not upgraded itself to be within these standards in over 30 years are negligent of Southington’s growing township where residents are likely to reside in close proximity to them and be negatively impacted by exposure to excessive noise levels.

The Southington Police Department shall posses no less than two CT DEP approved devices for measuring sound levels and should receive training in the use and maintenance of them for the purpose of enforcing this local noise ordinance.

In addition, we regard the notion offered by some that Southington CT would be considered anti-business if we were to adopt a local noise ordinance as an invalid argument with no foundation due to the fact that all municipalities in the State of Connecticut should have been adhering to the State Noise Regulation since 1978. Only with mutual respect between industry, commerce, and residents can there be equity of responsibility for keeping Southington an environmentally safe place to live.

A link to the Connecticut regulations for the Control of Noise:

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