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This petition is to ask the Government to Turn Street Lights Back On!

[1] – Situation
I am petitioning to ask the Government to get Street Lights turned back on because I feel that by turning them off in certain areas will have a negative impact on Crime Prevention, Well-being of Vulnerable People and the safety of Residential Areas. I feel that should Street Lights not be turned back on there will be a rise in Crime, which will impact on the Residential Areas. Therefore, causing risks to the Safety and Well-being of Public and the Local Residents.

[2] – Suggestions
I feel that the Government needs to analyse information on whether or not they are turning off lights in areas which could pose a Higher Threat to Vulnerable People. The Government should also take into account the layout of the Street Lighting and form a Risk Assessment on whether or not there is still adequate Street Lighting in that area for the Public and Residents who live there. Furthermore, the Government needs to think about consulting with its Constituencies as after all this would aid Community Cohesion which would be a Big Help! To David Cameron's 'Big Society'. Surely by just turning them off without notice on the community is damaging to the idea of 'Big Society', which is supposed to be all in favour of Local Communities coming together and having a say in what they want to happen in their town.

[3] – Why should these suggestions be taken into consideration?
These considerations should be taken into consideration because without adequate Street Lighting it will have problematic affects in these key areas;
Crime – This will mean more work for the Police Force, which will then mean that more money is spent on Policing the streets instead of it being used for the regeneration of towns, thus meaning it will have an impact on a towns Historical Aspects.
Public Safety – With the rise in threats on crime, this would then impact on Public Safety and Local Residents within each area. Therefore affect the emotional well-being of the Public going out at night, which would then affect the emotional well-being of vulnerable people. Moreover, with the rising threats in Terrorism as such this would pose an even Higher Risk to Public Safety and Local Residents.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government to rethink the 'Street Light Switch Off' and ensure that there is adequate Street Lighting within Residential Areas.

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