One of the goals of our initiative will be to spread educational information on how locals can reduce their paper and wood consumption, reduce their oil consumption, reduce their beef consumption, hold businesses accountable with lawsuits, invest in rainforest communities, support the grassroots movements of Brazil, and encourage affordable meat alternatives, paper made from recycled materials, ethanol power, more investments in wind and solar power, and more. Furthermore, this issue requires a coalition of Brazilians who can stand up to the powerful private interests who are responsible for the demolition of the Earth’s lungs: the ranchers and the meat industry. The indigenous populations who live and rely on the Amazon need to be politically activated and organized.

We the people of the Worldwide Web, call on the local governments of Brazil, the local fuel companies, farmers, and local to stop deforesting the Amazon Rainforest and protect the local ecosystems and environment. We need local companies and governments to agree to stop deforestation and degradation, regrow local biodiversity and plants, halt illegal deforestation with new regulations, recover degraded pasturelands to boost Brazil’s meat production while regenerating natural forests, new job opportunities for indigenous populations with Acai and nut production in the Amazon, secure land rights for local indigenous people, empower local farmers with grants and loans, rebuild irrigation systems, plant 20,000 new trees in deforested areas. The Brazilians who live in the Amazon would be one of the most important audiences – as this issue affects them the most.

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