#Local Government
C. Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans
United States of America

This petition is for the residents of New Orleans East, district 100 of Louisiana.

Please sign if you are ready to get back to you home and survey the damages caused by hurricane Katrina/Rita and salvage personal property.

To: Mayor Ray Nagin and Associated Staff

Dear Mayor Nagin:

While we understand that much of New Orleans needs to remain vacant for health and safety reasons, we recognize that New Orleans East is now dry and accessible for surveying by the homeowners.

Specifically, we the undersigned, who are residents and business owners within the New Orleans East area, are asking for permission to be granted to return to the New Orleans East area.

Please consider at least temporary permission to allow us to retrieve our personally belongings and business papers. Later, we hope to help revitalize New Orleans. Thank you for the work you continue to do to restore this great city and thank you for considering our request......

Sincerely, the Undersigned

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