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The Tree Unit, Service Area, Trafford Council.
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The results of this petition will be directed to the Tree Unit, Trafford Council.


The Council have stated that they have canvassed a small area of households regarding the removal of the said trees.

This petition claims that the initial canvassing was flawed and ought to be more inclusive. This petition is aimed predominantly at other people in the immediate area that the initial limited analysis overlooked but also at widening the canvassing to others who have a genuine interest in ensuring the Council operate in the best interest of the people they serve.

It is important to note that the Council are planning to remove the said trees (amongst others) should the initial canvassing of householders result in a majority vote to remove them. Those who do want to keep them may not have voiced their opinion and this petition serves to highlight that, according to a recent discussion with the Council, the majority have stated to remove the trees. So, don't expect the Council to do nothing and should you wish to keep the trees you must acknowledge so to the Council.

The Council have stated that they will consider a number of factors when assessing the removal and future maintenance of trees. Trees significantly damaged from lightning strikes for example are understandably at risk. It is worth highlighting the said trees are not diseased. They are large. The large canopies drop leaves. Bird droppings and sap can fall from them. This petition does not believe these are worthy reasons to remove large, significant trees that provide great character. The pavements and roads have been damaged by the roots but only patch repaired. There appears no structural damage to property from the roots.

The underpinning belief of this petition is a balanced one but a belief that trees offer a huge amount to our environment, the quality of the air we breathe and the quality of our urban landscape and street character; something which history has shown has given Urmston it's attractive leafy urban residential characteristic and reputation.

This petition understands that trees can be problem - that's evident from time to time but the petition calls for the Council's management of them to allow for a gradual implementation plan around our streets and not an immediate cull. This petition insists that removal of a tree must be a last resort after all other options are exhausted and only after replacement trees have been given adequate time to establish themselves such that the character of the streets are retained as much as possible.

In direct relationship to this petition please identify your location and relevance to the trees on Derby Road and Brandon Avenue.

We, the undersigned, call upon Trafford Council to implement a tree maintenance strategy that does not involve removal of trees without a replanting scheme that allows for the maturity of sapling trees to establish themselves before full removal and not before all other pruning, and civil engineering repairs have been undertaken.

In particular to this petition we, the undersigned, acknowledge to Trafford Council that we do not believe the trees to Derby Road and Brandon Avenue are proposing significant risks to warrant full immediate removal.

We, the undersigned, wish for the trees to remain and a maintenance plan in line with the above comments and offered for full public information.


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