#Human Rights

Our petition for THE PLANETARY EDUCATION requests the UNITED NATIONS to oblige all member states to implement an education which will further in equal manner the development of human reason and the awakening of human consciousness on a scientific basis.

The foundation of planetary education is Einstein’s cosmic religiousness and his vision of a timeless universe. In recent decades science has come to the point where the difference between material and spiritual has all but disappeared. The fundamental energy of the Universe, out of which everything is made, is consciousness, which is the energy of the quantum vacuum.

The evolution of life on planet Earth is an universal process, developing towards consciousness. The development of human reason has reached its peak, but the next step of human evolution is the discovery of consciousness by each individual of the emerging planetary civilization. God is universe itself, and we, human beings, are part of it. The age of beliefs is history. Now, human beings are ready to know the Truth.

Your Excellency,

Our civilization on planet Earth is based on reason, which stands in the service of unlimited human egoism, lust for power, and prestige. We, the undersigned, maintain that only reason enriched with consciousness has the power to bring peace and harmony to planet Earth.

The UNITED NATIONS will play an active role in this universal process, join in as a protagonist of the new world wherein the human ego will relinquish its grip and consciousness will rule the world.

We are part of the universe and we have to follow universal laws in order to survive and give a chance to our children to live and enjoy life on our beautiful planet Earth.

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