The state of the game in regards to the current referees, both on the field and in the Bunker is getting worse.
The lack of accountability across the board from those in charge, namely Tony Archer & Bernard Sutton has seen standards decline, not improve.
With this petition, we hope that fans across the game, from all Clubs, can have their voices heard in the hope that it will bring about the change needed to improve this great game of ours!

Mr Greenberg, Mr Beattie,
We the undersigned demand that you immediately remove Tony Archer and Bernard Sutton from their positions in the National Rugby League.
Under their tenure the officiating of the game has deteriorated to the point that badly incorrect decisions are continually being made and frequently costing clubs victory.
In spite of having more officials and technology at their disposal than ever before, Archer and Sutton have shown themselves to be incapable of putting procedures in place that avoid these constant officiating debacles.
Their own demonstrated approach with those under their charge is to scapegoat, demote and dismiss those who make mistakes.
It is time the same treatment was applied to them due to their own continued failures.
Messers Greenberg and Beattie, If you care about the state of the officiating in the NRL - and we certainly hope you do - you must remove Archer and Sutton immediately and replace them with competent candidates capable of ensuring the game we love is officiated effectively.

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