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With so many areas in the Town of Canmore that allow businesses such as Bed & Breakfasts that are in residential areas where our Playgrounds and School Zones are located, as well as the Town constantly growing, people, local or tourist, are just NOT slowing down in these areas.

I'm a parent of a young child that is starting school. I was trying to teach him how to use a crosswalk and a vehicle blew right through. It taught him a lesson, but not the one I wanted. It showed him that people won't stop for a child. If speed bumps are installed, it will force vehicles to slow down. Protecting our children and our residents.

*NOTE: I discussed it with a member of AHS about the fire trucks and ambulances having to drive over the speed bumps and it is NOT an issue for them.

We, the residents of the Town Of Canmore, Alberta, petition the Town to install speed bumps in School Zones and Playground Zones.

Vehicles are NOT slowing down in these zones and are not stopping at crosswalks for children or adults that want to cross the road.

As our town grows there is a level of safety that needs to be placed. There are too many cars that speed through these zones. By putting speed bumps in we can ensure the safety and protection of our children and residents of Canmore.

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