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Congratulations class of 2008- we are now seniors! This is our year to outshine the previous classes. We have so many events to look forward to - and one of the biggest ones is senior prom.

However, prom is as of yet going to be just like every other year - in the cafeteria! When questioned as to why we cannot have another location- I was given the following reasons: 1) free location 2) OWC is a good meeting place for Destin/FWB/Crestview/etc. 3) it is where every other prom has been held.

But these reasons still leave unanswered questions. What if we could find someplace with a good price? What if the location was still a good meeting place? And why be like every other class?

This petition is for classmates that support the idea of having Senior Prom 2008 somewhere other than the KMall if it is possible.

Thank you so much!

We, OWC Collegiate HS class of 2008, call on the prom committee to plan prom in a location other than the KMall cafeteria.

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