Vermont Governor & Legislature

in the Spring of 2008, current Governor Peter Shumlin and former Lt. Governor Brian Dubie held a press conference stating that Vermont needs to investigate the heavy use of mind-altering psychiatric drugs prescribed to children; and

at that time, now Governor Shumlin said that the state needs to get active in stopping the sole reliance on antipsychotic medications for treatment of children and teenagers, just as law enforcement has cracked down on the use of these drugs for recreational use; and

the issue is bipartisan in that Governor Shumlin(D) and former Lt. Dubie(R) were political opponents yet still desired to fight together against the heavy psychiatric drugging of children; and

the use of psychiatric drugs on Vermont children is still alarmingly high; and

Vermont nursing homes are often putting the elderly on dangerous antipsychotics with warning labels on how they greatly reduce the life spans of dementia patients; and

nobody is ever put on psychiatric drugs without first being given a stigmatizing mental disorder label;

Therefore, We the undersigned citizens of Vermont strongly urge the Governor and Vermont Legislature to take swift and effective legislative and administrative actions to greatly reduce the amount of dangerous psychiatric drugging and mental disorder labeling of Vermont’s children, adolescent and elderly populations.

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