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We are writing on behalf of all the Need For Speed World players fed up and disappointed by the way you are managing this game whose potential is deemed enormous by everyone.

Now we are here to talk to you because it's time for you to clarify your real plans concerning this game once and for all. After over three years of management and developement your plans and intentions are still unclear, your ideas and feedbacks towards users have always been misleading...a lot of promises, a lot of delays, and then?

At the end all those delays, all those lies, have lead to the decline of a game whose only good thing is now the "Need For Speed" brand, a brand which has been ruined and spoiled. NFS World has a huge potential, many people have been attracted by this game, and we are not only talking about long-time Nfs fans, but even about other kinds of videogamers all over the world. This could have been one of the best Free to Play game, but it has been managed badly, very badly.

And that's why us players are willing to come together with the purpose of improving this game and making sure that Nfs World will keep on being up and running for a long time. Only people who have been playing this game for a long time may have understood its actual value and in particular what this game could have been if it was managed in the right way, and despite all our suggestions, discussions, critics and fights we are still ignored and unheeded. You have never taken our complaints and suggestions seriously, and that's what we dislike the most because in every other game the feedbacks of who plays the game and spent a lot of time and money on it are taken in great consideration.

Given the current situation concerning this game we are feeling disappointed and angry; we have been expressing those feelings more than once and we have never been taken in consideration. Of course for some aspects it is even our fault, we have always been complaining about you, but this is supposed to make you think over it and understand how much real players care about this game and what this game could become if it is committed to a specific development team and not to Easy Studios which despite being a good team can not manage five games at the same time.

It is time for you to open your eyes and start thinking about all the unexpressed potential of this game. People playing this game have different opinions and complaints, many of them are fed up with all the cheaters populating the World, others are still waiting for the Canyons which are 95% completed since 2011, others are waiting for new game modes and for other things such as the comeback of the free roam chat which two years ago was said to be under maintenance only for a few weeks... many people have lost their patience and left the game and every day there are more and more people leaving, which is very frustrating...it is kind of sad to log in every day and see a desolate map, and it is kind of stunning to see a game with a lot of problems that the current team is not able to solve. Many players understood the situation and left the game even before taking the first steps on the racing tracks, and other players will follow.

We are aware of the economical crisis, and that is probably the cause which made you fire Quicklime Games and put the game in the hands of a small team that is already dealing with other games. Do you really think that a small team composed by only 7-8 people can manage 5 games at the same time? Do you really think people will keep on playing and spending money on this game much longer? Do you really think acting like this is the solution to the crisis? We firmly believe that you can not go on this way; a game named "Need for Speed" can not and must not be managed like this. This saga has been the most famous and played racing game of all time, and it fascinated thousands of people all over the world.

We are sorry, but beyond all our critics and complaints, we are just feeling disappointed and pissed off, and that's it. These few words are more than enough to represent the mood of the majority of the users. Since many players are disappointed and pissed off we thought to make something that has never been made before: a Petition. The target of this petition is to finally have a new developement team taking care of Need for Speed World, and we mean a team that knows the NFS brand and that will be fully committed on this game only, and not on 4-5 other games at the same time, and, most importantly, that will listen to what players have to say, to suggest and to criticize.

Feedbacks are taken in great consideration by a lot of gaming companies, so why Ea does not ? Have you ever thought that this may be one of the causes that made you win the Golden Poop Award twice in a row ?

We hope this is enough fot you to understand the situation and open your eyes, and a thought is also directed to all the players that will be so kind to join this petition and try to change the situation. If this petition does not succeed because of players not taking care of it or because of Ea not listening again to us, this would be the final confirmation that this game has been left to its fate and that no one cares about it anymore. Our last thought is again directed to the most faithful Nfsw players, those who know the game very well and think that it deserves a much better management ; we hope this initiative will be taken seriously without blaming neither who had this idea nor Ea itself ; if anyone has some critics and complaints to do, please express them politely. We rely on you, on your signatures and on your ability to broadcast this petition far and wide, as this is the only way to make this petition succeed.

In Faith , Need For Speed World Community Italiana.

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We, the undersigned, insist, that by the end of 2013, the game will have a new team, new devs to be completely dedicated to World, or at least some devs that know how to add/modify some things in the game, and hopefully can do some great adds or patch.

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