Petitions here do not include the date they were listed. It's hard to tell if a petition is still worth signing. Example. I saw a petition asking for X-Men: Evolution to return to WB. WB is currently airing a new seasion on Saterday Mornings. Either this person did not know this, or posted it when the pervious season quit airing reruns to show some new stuff for ratings untill the new fall season came around.

Without a date the petition was created you cant always tell these things.

We would like the date a petition is listed at gopetition.com to be included in it's listing.

GoPetition respects your privacy.

The Petition to get Date listed included on Petitions at Gopetition.com petition to Gopetition.com was written by Richie French and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.