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Chris Grayling MP
United Kingdom

The number of vans on British roads at the end of the first quarter of 2016 was the highest ever at just over 4.4 million. Nowadays there are more and more unsafe & overloaded 3.5 ton vehicles are coming on the road due to the haulage/logistics industry for 3.5 ton vehicles not being regulated, It is time to push for a gradual change before 2020.

It is a fact that 3.5 ton vehicles clearly getting built larger & larger and also lighter, some as long as 7.2 metre which you can drive on a car licence as soon as you've passed your test, this is extremely dangerous and now needs to be regulated by 2020 and put to parliment for the safety of road users & pedestrians..

We would like your signature to change the industry with the times of today and make our roads safer.
People nowadays are just "buying a van" and stating that they are a "professional business" without any regulations or "good repute" or correct insurance, this needs to change for the safety of customers, and also the longelivity of the transport sector .
While the large number of vans now on the road will not have any impact on the majority of HGV operators, it is possible that the increase in higher capacity ones are having an effect around the lower threshold of economic viability for HGV operators.

By signing this petition you are encouraging the safety of the transport sector, and encouraging "professional businesses to thrive"

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