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We the family and friends of Troy David Condrey, call on the Parole Board of Alabama to deny the parole of Timmie Dewayne Kelley AIS 00230670.

Timmie Dewayne Kelley brutally murdered Troy David Condrey August 20, 2000 with no thought of the impact this would have on Troy's three year old son, parents, brother, and the rest of his family and friends. Troy Condrey was a 27 year old father with his whole life ahead of him. A remarkable young man with a heart of gold. Troy was a loving dad, loving son, and best friend to his brother.

Troy was a law abiding citizen never being in any kind of trouble. Not only did Timmie Kelley murder Troy but he also followed him & planned the murder for 8 months. It was not a spur of the moment action. Timmie Kelley had his friend, Ronnie Young, pretend to have car trouble because he knew Troy would not be able to pass him by without offering to help him.

Troy did stop to help Mr. Young not knowing that Timmie Kelley was waiting to attack him with a hammer. After beating him over the head with a hammer, he and Mr. Young took him to a barn in the country, placed his feet in concrete, covered his body in a tarp, and threw him off the Natchez Trace Bridge. Timmie Kelley murdered him, leaving Troy's 3 yr. old son, Logan Condrey, to grow up without a daddy, and the rest of his family feeling gutted inside. Life hasn't been the same without him.

Please sign this petition, showing that you are in agreement of keeping this brutal murderer in prison and keeping our community safer.

Just as Troy was unwilling to pass by an old man he thought was having car trouble, we are asking you not pass on the chance to help us keep Timmie Kelley in prison.

A person that can not only commit murder against an innocent person but also takes the time to plan that action is a danger to our society. Timmie Kelley was convicted of murder August 14, 2003, and very soon Timmie will already have the opportunity to ask to be set free from his constraints.

Logan Condrey, Charles and Rebecca Condrey, Tommy, Lorie and John Thomas Condrey need your support in this matter.

Please don't pass them by.

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