Mayor Joy Belmonte, Nicanor Reyes III & Kap. Quebal

The creek near FEU is quite unclean. The sight and the odour of it is very unpleasant to the eyes and nose. The water already has a dark colour since there are several garbage that are either floating on top of the water or stuck to the walls. The bad odour and the uncleanness of the water causes mosquitoes or other types of parasites or insects to live there which could spread illnesses or diseases to people who passes through there. Not only that creeks are possibly connected to rivers which are marine animals' habitat and the garbage could cause destruction to their natural habitat which would be the cause of the marine animals' death.

I, the petitioner, would like to ask the people to sign this petition. It will be for the sake of each and everyone else's own health and the marine animals that could be affected.

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