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Okay, friends, I REALLY NEED your help. Working on my family tree is something that is very dear to my heart.

Recently, I went to 5 cemeteries taking pictures of family members' graves. I posted one of a family monument on a Findagrave.com memorial that someone else had made (they are NOT related). She asked me to remove mine since she had one of his individual stone, but I told her I would like to leave it on, since mine was of the large monument with just the family name.

She actually contacted Findagrave and they took my picture off and disabled the Add a Picture function! They are not writing me back, I have sent several emails.

Their rules for photographs state: Any contributor can upload an appropriate photo to any memorial regardless of who manages the page. No permission from the memorial manager is needed. However, if there is already a photo of the headstone, a second similar photo should not be added unless the original is of poor quality and the new photo is dramatically better. This leaves room for photos of the deceased within the five-photo limit on unsponsored memorials. Please note that it is not appropriate to delete a page and substitute it with a new memorial that you have created just because you don't like a photo that someone else has added. If the photo is an appropriate addition to the page, it should be allowed to remain.

Amazingly, I am not allowed to post an entirely different picture of my own family member! I would like to get a petition started against Findagrave for not following their own rules and regulations.

Susan Francis Bott (FAG member #47570486) should be allowed to post her picture of the Beeler family monument on the memorial for Hardin Logan Beeler #99760263 and the Add a Photo function should be enabled again.

Please help!!

The Petition to allow Family Monument Photo petition to Findagrave.com was written by Susan Francis Bott and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.