#Neighborhood Living
Any Maltese person

CASE PA/01289/09

This is all about one of the last few remaining originally public open spaces in Marsaskala which is currently being privately used.

Our group maintains the right to keep the land open to the public and not to develop it. A 50 garage and 29 apartments mammoth development is being proposed.

I, the undersigned, would like to object to the above development for the reason that it violates the clause of the Local Plan (SMMS 02) which says that “the green area (approximately 2,300 sq.m) is to be transformed into a public open space”.

I also maintain that the right to develop the lower level of the public open space was accorded in the Local Plan in spite of residents’ objections to such development dating back to 1991, furthermore it is a violation of residents’ right to consultation as established by the relevant EU Directive and the Aarhus Convention.

I, the undersigned, therefore object to the project as being proposed as it does not respect the policies of the South Malta Local Plan as ratified by the Parliament of Malta in 2006.

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