#Human Rights
United States of America

Feminine hygiene items are something practically EVERY female needs EVERY month. What if you're homeless and can't afford to buy them what do you do? Insurance doesn't cover them. You can't purchase them with food stamps. You can't just go without. So you shoplift, next month you do it again, and the next month and the next. Eventually you get caught. Now you are charged with shoplifting/petty theft. Your record doesn't say anything about it being feminine hygiene items, just that you STOLE. This will now haunt you the rest of your life. Make it harder for you to get a job, make it harder for you to get out of homelessness.

Please join us in signing this petition to allow these items to be purchased with Medicare/ Medicaid and consider donating some to a local organization that helps the homeless.

We, the undersigned, call on Medicaid/Medicare to provide necessary feminine hygiene items to those who need them.

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