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We can make a difference in the growing problem of plastics, which impacts everything from global warming to wildlife to human health.

Plastics have an enormous impact on global warming; 3.8% of worldwide greenhouse emissions are from plastics. This is a huge problem, especially as our planet nears the point of no return in climate change.

The effect plastics have on marine life is similarly huge as over 700 species have been affected by them. This includes 90% of all sea birds and almost every single sea turtle.

Unfortunately, plastics are also extremely dangerous to human health; many of the chemicals used in the creation of plastics are harmful to the brain and cause cancer. For instance, brain cancer rates in people who worked at a plastic manufacturing plant in Texas were 5 times that of the general public.

Fortunately, there are some ways you can help and make a lasting difference in the fight against plastics. Fill out the petition to show your support for anti-plastic legislation in Vermont.
(link for image; https://medium.com/@patrick.compton.6/is-the-global-concern-for-marine-plastic-pollution-a-detracting-truth-d5dca0351f8)5

We, the undersigned, support efforts to reduce the creation and use of plastics in Vermont, and call for legislation against them.

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