Governor George Elmer Pataki

My name is Joy Goldberg. I am a private individual living in Brooklyn, N.Y. Every time I take the J subway train over the Williamsburg Bridge, and I see that horrific void in New York's skyline, I know EXACTLY what belongs in EXACTLY the same place where they were before!!

Would France hem and haw over restoring the Eiffel Tower? Of COURSE NOT!!! The Eiffel Tower is a HISTORICAL LANDMARK, without which Paris would NOT be the same! AND: THIS IS NEW YORK!!! What is currently proposed is a COWARDLY SACRILEGE to a great and beautiful and very special city: this petition is truly and completely from my HEART!

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, are appalled at the REAL SACRILEGE of leaving the footprints of the first Twin Towers a desolate grave site.
We petition you to rebuild two NEW Twin Towers where the first ones stood, the same height or taller: no COWARDLY compromises like lifeless steel structures with windmills above a certain height!!!
New York is NOT a graveyard, in SPITE of what the enemy is telling us!: AND in spite of what some say here in America: that the "footprints" should be left as a place to weep and wail over forever. This is SELFISH. The people who died would turn over in their graves if they knew about this!: that death and cowardice were chosen by some (and we repeat: S O M E. )
NEW YORK is our MOTHER. Her two breasts have been blown away by hateful cowards, she who 'lifts her lamp beside her GOLDEN SHORE,' NOT a desolate grave site!!! We want our Twin Towers back where they were before! New York is OUR city!

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