#Local Government
Moreland City Council

Counciler Sue Bolton, by her word and deed, has acted with malice aforethought in lying to her constituents and to the Australian people.
She has acted without integrity or remorse.
Her wilful misuse of the term Holocaust and it's association with colonialism in Australia is a deliberate action designed to divide the City of Moreland and the People of Australia.
By use of this term she has belittled the suffering of the Jewish people and sought to appropriate the horror of Nazism for her own ends.
This vile behaviour on the part of an elected official must not be tolerated.
It is in direct violation of the Moreland City Councillor code of conduct and as such, Councillor Bolton has abdicated her responsibility to her council and to her country.

We, the undersigned, move that this abandonment of duty by the councillor be rectified swiftly by the termination of Sue Bolton, effective immediately. Furthermore, that a public apology be made by Ms Bolton and Moreland Council.

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