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Would you accept an organ to live?

If the answer is yes, then surely you would want to give an organ to help save someone else?

Right now more than 9,000 people in the UK need an organ transplant that could save or improve their life. But each year around 400 people die while waiting for a transplant.

There are only 14,738,613 registered donors in the UK to date, out of a population of over 60 million. This is just 24% of the population

Statistically you are more likely to be in need of a transplant than to become an organ donor.

Laura Hamilton

We, the Undersigned, petition the Prime Minister to change the Law regarding Organ Donation to the Presumed Consent System.

With Transplant Waiting List numbers increasing every year, and over 400 adults and children dying whilst waiting for a transplant, we believe the current Donor Registration System must be reformed.

In a recent television Straw Poll, 69% of the viewing public voted in favour of the 'Presumed Consent' System.

Many people would be willing to donate their organs after death, but simply have not got around to registering. With ‘Presumed Consent’, close relatives and next of kin would still be consulted by medical staff, for confirmation of their loved one’s wishes in this respect.

In circumstances where no close relative or next of kin consultation was possible, medical staff would assume that the patient was not on the Presumed Consent Register and would not use their organs for transplantation.

This, we believe, would overcome any mistakes being made in respect of Religion, previous health issues, or indeed change of mind by the patient.


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