#City & Town Planning
John C. Galo, Laredo, Webb County, Texas City Council Member, District 3
United States of America

March 25, 2006

On or about the year 2004, The City of Laredo purchased certain property located within the confines of the City of Laredo District 3.

Specifically, the property, purchased from the Slaughter family, and commonly referred to as the "Slaughter Farm or Ranch" takes up a number of acres bordering Chacon Street to the North and Stone Street to its East.(may also include other streets)

During the negotiations of the City's purchase of the land, the Citizens of District 3 understood that the property would serve as a recreation area, including park and sports facilites.

However, since the City has taken control of this land, they have stripped the land of all grass, shrubs and other protectants from the southeast winds coming into District 3. As a result, the citizens of District 3 have faced a nuisance that is directly affecting their neighborhood living. For instance, the Citizens of District 3 have:

-constant dust and dirt being blown and penetrated into their homes, automobiles and other personal belongings;

-been unable to enjoy numerous outdoor activities as they did in the past; and more importantly,

-been forced to breath the dust and dirt that may contain contaminated and hazardous particles, including pesticides and fertilizers from the many years the land was farmed.

The air being breathed by the Citizens of District 3 is not clean and they demand that remedial measures be taken immediately.

We, the Citizens of Laredo, Webb County District 3, demand clean air. The dust and dirt being blown into our homes, furnishings and, more importantly, our lungs is a nuisance that we should not have to endure living in.

We demand that the City of Laredo, through John C. Galo, as District 3 Council Member, take all remedial efforts to make our neighborhood living adequate and free of nuisances as listed above.

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