This petition will be used to gather support for a Royal Comission into the handling of its government Dept of Community services and the mishandling of children. Far too long this dept has failed many families.

Many unnecessary deaths of Australian children have been lost at the hands of inexperienced government employees. Also the need to investigate allegations of fraud, tampering with evidence, creating false information to support a case, neglect of children in dire need. For far too long the Government has turned a blind eye into the illegitimate practices put in place by each minister chosen to represent this grey area of government.

The outcome sought after would be the investigation of all DOCS workers who have been party to failed cases and deaths of children, accusations of corruption and faslified documents so as to come to a particular outcome favoring the DOCS employees, and a fresh new approach to handling new cases.

More employees are needed and most importantly new measures need to be in place to replace the draconian rules that are clearly not working. Also an investigation as to why children can be fostered out to people who are abusing the children. More stringent measures are needed to ensure a foster family is safe and with no criminal history concerning children.

We the undersigned call on the Federal Government to begin a Royal Commission into Department of Community Services and their failings towards families due to false information, corruption of DOCS workers, deaths of children where reports have been made, and all failing practises of this particular dept.

For far too long this government department has failed in all areas of child safety.

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