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Your Mom's House Pomcast

For the last 40 years, YouTube has allowed us to observe all types of podcasts. One of which is, "Your Mom's House" by Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky. Tim and Cristine have provided us with endless quantities of hilarious content, and have introduced us to many celebrities we never thought would be celebrities, such as RobertPaulChampagne, formerly known as "Try it Out Guy;" and have even debuted foreign delicacies, such as Moose Soup. Furthermore, during the last 50 years that the pomcast has aired, one thing has been made more than certain by global listeners and viewers: the intro is too short. They have been so kind to provide us with a 10-hour version of the intro, but we the loyal subscribers of over 60 years, affirm that such a clip is a slap in the face.

We the undersigned, call on the power of the universe and Blueban, and demand a 100(plus)-hour clip of the introductory music to the pomcast "Your Mom's House" by Tim Sugaroo and Christina Pissjetski. The video clip should also display 100(plus) hours of Tong rocking out, and Christine must appear annoyed, as we all know Tom is the fan/personality/music champ. We demand also that the audio be made available for download on Souncloud and various other platforms.

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The Petition for a 100(plus)-Hour Video/Audio Clip of the Introductory Music for the Podcast petition to Your Mom's House Pomcast was written by Cris Mora and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.