We need to have at least 10 more seasons of Galactik Football!

The story begins during a football match between the home team of planet Akillian and the Shadows. As Aarch, captain of the Akillians, takes a direct free kick, an explosion is heard and an avalanche sweeps over the stadium, marking the beginning of the Akillian Ice Age and the loss of The Breath, Akillian's Flux.

The storyline jumps forward 15 years. Aarch and his friend Clamp, a robotic technician, arrive back on Akillian for the first time since the game. Aarch aims to create a new Akillian Galactik Football team capable of winning the Cup, and selects a group of talented teenagers for his team: D'Jok, Sinedd, Micro-Ice, Mei, Thran, Ahito, Rocket, and Tia. However, Rocket's father and Aarch's brother does not want him on the team, and agree only to let him play on the condition that the newly named Snow Kids win a match against the incumbent Akillian team, the Red Tigers, who are coached by Aarch's estranged old friend and team-mate, Artegor Nexus. During her tryout, Tia reveals that she has the power of the long-lost Breath of Akillian.

The Snow Kids beat the Red Tigers, becoming the new Akillian team. However, an embittered Artegor lures Sinedd away from the Snow Kids and recruits him to the Shadows, whom he has agreed to coach.

As the Snow Kids progress through the competition, each develops the Breath of Akillian. There are some intra-team tensions caused by Tia and Rocket's burgeoning relationship and Micro-Ice's unrequited crush on Mei. Unknown to any of them is that all seven of the players have been affected by the Meta-Flux, a synthetic undetectable Flux, inadvertently created by Clamp and pirate Sonny Blackbones, that was the true origin of the Akillian Ice Age. This Flux is now coveted by the ruthless General Bleylock, who happily endangers the Snow Kids to get his hands on it.

With the help of Clamp and his old partner, the pirate Sonny Blackbones, the Snow Kids escape General Bleylock's machinations and win the Galactik Football Cup.

Galactik Football was a classic. It was first launched on June 3, 2006. It lasted for 3 seasons (until October 2011) wich isn’t long enough! We want 10 more seasons, but in reality 2 more will still be okay! We just want kids nowadays to see what the missed on... Please sign our petition..!

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