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Canton City Building Department and City Law Office
United States of America

Canton City Building Department Entered 601 High Ave. into their demolition list without getting notice to home owner, Richard Manson and demands through City Law Office to repair and recondition property in 120 days that would normally, by way of professional project estimates, take more than 300 days.

Owner of property, Mr. Manson, who is living at the property address also qualifies for help through several agencies because of low income but is ineligible while home is listed on the city demolition list. This puts Mr. Manson in a catch 22 situation where he may lose his home because of not being able to take advantage of help and provisions that he could realize if not for having his home entered on the City Demolition List and also because City laws being written as a blanket provision and do not allow for individual circumstances.

Mr. Manson wishes to have his home released from the City Demolition List so that he can have available the rehabilitation help from government agency grants that he qualifies to receive. The home is also a historical property once being the home to one of the Mayors of Canton in the 1930's and is also pictured in historical books at the library.

We, the undersigned, call on the Canton City Building Department to release from 'Demolition List' along with the City Law Office to also withdraw action against Richard Manson and 601 High Ave. at the earliest so that Mr. Manson can take advantage of programs he qualifies for but are unavailable to him while his home at above said address is on the City Demolition List allowing him to rehabilitate the property.

We, the undersigned also would like to see this historical residence not demolished, but instead rehabilitated to an esthetically pleasing condition and historically restored. We also believe that there is a dwindling of affordable housing inside of Canton City Limits and to allow more to be demolished that can, and will be rehabilitated would be nothing less than a tragedy.

We also realize that above said address is Mr. Manson primary residence and we do not wish to see him forced out onto the streets.

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