#City & Town Planning
Franklin County Planning Commission
United States of America

To: Members, Franklin County Planning Commission
Date: December 11, 2018
From: Residents of Hampton Hills, Sandpiper Bay, Lake Park Drive, Blue Lake Road and surrounding affected areas

We, the undersigned, are residents and/or property owners in Franklin County located near the proposed RV Campground, CAMP REEL SIMPLE, on Old Salem School Road in Union Hall. We hereby OBJECT to the Planning Commission approving any application for Special Use Permit for this camp ground as follows.

While a camp ground may be permitted under the Franklin County Zoning Ordinance for properties identified as A-1 (Sec. 25-179 Special Use Permit) with a Special Use Permit approval by the Board of Supervisors, the submission by Southlake Motorsports & Marina, LLC and managing member John Mathena dated November 1, 2018 fails to meet the NECESSARY Special Use Permit APPLICATION Requirements as outlined/identified in Zoning Code sec. 25-155 of the Franklin County code.

Therefore, the Special Use Application should be denied.

The application as submitted fails to meet 14 of 17 requirements for the Special Use Permit Application titled “CONCEPT PLANS, RESIDENTIAL, BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL NECESSARY CONTENTS”.

Furthermore, this property is designated by the Future Land Use Map of the 2007 Comprehensive Plan as Low Density, Residential. Approval of this special use permit would alter the makeup and the direction of future use. We hereby ask the Planning Commission to deny the application for this purpose as well.

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