#Human Rights
Croatian Government

On the 26th October 2006, Branimir Glavas a Croatian parliamentarian and Lawmaker, Army General in Croatia Was arrested and put into jail. For alleged war crimes.

Branimir Glavas is not a crminal or war criminal for that matter, but a Hero for defending Croatian territory in Slavonija Croatia. He has been falsely accused and falseley imprisoned.

No CROATS ATTACKED any other nation during the homeland war they only DEFENDED their country and historical boarders and territory. No CROATS ENTERED or INVADED any other country. They were attacked by the aggressors.

Molimo Vas, mi dolje potpisani gradani Republike Hrvatske i Hrvati u Dijaspori, da ne dozvolite smrt jos jednoga hrvatskog branitelja nego da se,kako god zavrsio Postupak pred sudovima, generalu Branimiru Glavasu omoguci obrana sa slobode.

We the undersigned Citizens of the republic of Croatia and Croatians Worldwide plead to prevent the death of one more of our Croatian war veterans. However the outcome of the courts, that General Branimir Glavas be freed to prepare his defense.

The PETICIJA ZA GENERAL BRANIMIR GLAVAS - PETITION FOR GENERAL BRANIMIR GLAVAS petition to Croatian Government was written by Ivica Fonti and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.