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The final stage in July 2008 will be the introduction of a two stage probationary licence comprising a one year P1 probationary licence, and a three year P2 probationary licence.

Passenger laws will be in effect not allowing P platers to carry a certain amount of passengers between a certain time, making transport more difficult.

The laws will also extend P plates from 3 years to 4 years, meaning that a younger driver will have to be 22 in Victoria in order to claim their full licence.

From 1 July 2007, new restrictions on driving high powered vehicles will be introduced for probationary licence drivers who obtain their licence from 1 July 2007.

From this date a probationary licence holder will not be able to drive a vehicle if it has:

* An engine of eight or more cylinders;
* a turbocharged or supercharged engine (except diesel powered vehicles);
* an engine that has been modified to increase its performance; and/or
* certain high performance six cylinder cars. An official list of nominated vehicles will be published on this website from 1 July 2007. In the interim it is expected to include the following vehicles:
o the BMW M and M3,
o Nissan 350Z,
o Porsche (all models), and
o Mercedes Benz SLK350.

People will crash from being idiots, it's the way things are. Whether they be P platers, young adults, middle-aged or seniors; if you mess around you have a greater chance of dying.

Driving a car is like playing a game of Russian Roulette, some people live, some people die. And governments are not going to stop that no matter how many restrictions they put in place. The restrictions are just giving everyone a false sense of a achievement, and making them feel like they've prevented accidents and saved lives.

The sad truth is, whether an idiotic driver gets in a Hyundai Excel or a VE SSV, their chances of crashing are just as high in the first car as the next, simply because of irresponsible driving.

Irresponsible driving and the soundness of peoples minds is something we cannot fix, we can't stop someone speeding, no matter how many tickets they're given. We can't stop a young bloke being an idiot no matter what car we tell them they can or cannot drive, nor can we stop that same person being an idiot when they grow older; it's in their nature.

What's the point of all these laws and restrictions? Absolutely nothing, but we might as well pretend we have control of an uncontrollable situation, right?

I believe that in the case of irresponsible drivers, that their responsibility in the future only comes from a series of near-misses or losing their licence. Every time you drive you're taking a gamble, it's up to you if you drive responsibly or not.

The government will never learn, statistics mean horse crap, and if you looked at all the facts you'd see that the road toll has been lowering steadily regardless of new introduced laws + speed cameras.

You can't stop idiots from being idiots, so why put down all p platers in the process? Some young drivers are actually responsible.

This petition votes that we abolish these idiotic new laws, keep the current system and focus more on driver training rather than restrictions.

Let's find a permanent solution to this problem, and not bring laws in that just cover up the truth behind the accident rates; let's aim at a real solution which will actually save our loved ones lives!

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