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New Zealand Ministry of Justice, reception@justice.govt.nz
New Zealand

Three students have been arrested for an attack on a sheep that the local SPCA described as "one of the worst animal cruelty cases it had seen" - the attackers blew the sheep's jaw off with fireworks, and attempted to set the sheep alight after kicking and opening up the sheep's stomach.

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Whilst I realise the arrested are innocent before being proved guilty, I call on the New Zealand Ministry of Justice to impose the maximum sentence on anyone proven guilty whom served the maximum injustice on this animal.

I would invite you all to write directly to the New Zealand Ministry of Justice, Chief Justice at reception@justice.govt.nz

Good luck and thank you.

Updates : Teens deny killing sheep
Update : Charges dropped as no post mortem on sheep

We the undersigned call for the maximum penalty to be imposed on the guilty perpetrators of this abominable, callous act. Also, we wish that the guilty submit some insight into their sociopathic behaviour so that future suffering might be avoided.

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