#Animal Welfare
Miami, FL
United States of America

UPDATE (11.03.08):

The City Manager's office has reported that the final count of peacocks and peahens is 25 +/- 1. They have decided to NOT trap, remove or interfere with the peacocks. This is very good news!

However, individual homeowners can hire trappers to set traps and nets on their own private property. Once a peacock is trapped, we have no idea where these animals will be sent and what will happen to them.

As of 11.01.08, no observable traps or nets have been placed in the neighborhood; though some residences have obstructed views. Peacock supporters continue to work the neighborhood looking for evidence of trapping and will document any inhumane treatment that is observed.


For many years, peacocks and peahens have lived freely and harmlessly in Coconut Grove. They are free-roaming, free-flying animals who live peacefully among cats, dogs, birds, opossums and other animals.

For decades, Grove residents have enjoyed the striking plumage, humorous antics and familial bonds of peacocks and peahens. In fact, Coconut Grove is one of a handful of places in the United States where peacocks live side-by-side in humans in residential neighborhoods.

It is an honor that they have chosen to live here in Coconut Grove. We should be good neighbors and allow them to live their lives freely, with their fathers and mothers and siblings and children, and without interference.

We, the undersigned, strongly urge the City of Miami to take NO ACTION in regards to the free-roaming peacocks and peahens in Coconut Grove, FL. We believe that the peacocks and peahens should be allowed to live their life freely and without interference.

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