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In the 2013 New York State Legislative session, New York State Assemblyman Francisco Moya, representing District #39 (Corona, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst) introduced bill A2597, entitled "The New York State Dream Act".

This bill would allow undocumented students who were brought to the United States as very young children to be eligible to receive Financial Aid for a College Education within New York State.

The Bill increased Financial Aid by 25 million dollars, in support of this initiative. The Bill is supported by Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver. A similar bill was introduced in the New York State Senate bill #S2378, but is being blocked by the Republicans Led by Senator Dean Skelos. Senator Skelos does not want the bill to reach the floor because he is afraid to put the State Senators on the record to either support or object to the Bill. Senator Skelos, does not want to loose power in the Senate. Senator Skelos is putting Politics above People.

We need to contact Senator Dean Skelos and tell him to support The Dream Act.

New York State DREAM Act:

We the undersigned call on New York State Senator Dean Skelos to support the Dream Act Bill # S2378.

After months of collaboration between members of the New York State Assembly, the DREAM Act legislation was introduced and has received a tremendous amount of support. Now, nearly a reality in New York State, the DREAM Act is facing a surprise challenge by the NY State Senate Republicans, led by Senator Dean Skelos.

With $25 million dollars already approved for funding by the Assembly, Senate Republican Dean Skelos, is now blocking the senate version of the bill # S2378 from reaching the floor of the Senate for a Vote. Senator Skelos will not allow this important piece of legislation to reach the floor of the Senate for a vote because Senators would be on the record for either a Yes or No vote. Republican Senator Skelos is afraid of losing power. Senator Skelos is putting politics above people.

We need to contact Senator Skelos now, and let him know that he needs to support the New York State Dream Act Now. Senator Skelos needs to allow a vote on this bill. This is a Civil Rights matter, in 2013 we should not be talking about if qualified students can go to college, we should be pursuing a goal that everyone who can go to college, should have that opportunity.

If you believe in the economic and social opportunities that the DREAM ACT provides eligible undocumented students, sign the online petition NOW and tell Dean Skelos to reinstate the $25 million dollars for the NY Dream Act this week.

Education is the key to a better tomorrow so sign the petition today!

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