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Recent developments in the UK election suggest that the public are increasingly interested in understanding what makes our potential future PM's tick. Not just in terms of policy: but what sort of person sits behind the mask.

The leader debates have been informative - but now it is time to turn up the heat: and how better to do so than to see what our leaders-to-be are like when the social pressure is on.

What would they cook? How would they be as hosts? And most important, when a deadline looms, can they multi-task.

How an individual performs in the kitchen surely says as much - or more about them than any number of formal debates.

We , the undersigned, ask the leaders of the main UK political parties - Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Cleg - to submit themselves to a further test of how well they perform when the heat is on.

Therefore, we ask that before the General Election on May 6, each should prepare and host a meal for the other two, with the final result being shown on the popular C4 programme, "Come dine with me".

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