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Over six years ago, a group of concerned citizens formed the Parksville Planning Committee (PPC), a not-for-profit organization interested in revitalizing the hamlet of Parksville. Parksville was once one of the most populated and thriving communities in the Catskills.

The hamlet has since suffered severe economic downturns to the point that only a few businesses and residents remain. Sullivan County has been depressed for a long time as well. We believe that along with the efforts of many citizens of Sullivan County, as well as many other concerned individuals and organizations throughout New York State, that we can revitalize Parksville with the support and voices of those that want to make a change in Sullivan County.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has budgeted over $90 million, re-routing the highway around Parksville. The highway initiated in the 1950's ran through Parksville, dividing the hamlet, making it unwalkable and difficult for travelers to stop and enjoy.

Because the new highway construction now bypasses the hamlet, it opens the opportunity to restore the community. The DOT has created a beautiful exit 98 off of Route 17, soon to be Interstate 86, an easy-off, easy-on exit, and a grand, inviting presentation to Main Street, Parksville, and its historic pharmacy building on the corner of Main Street and Short Avenue. The Department has been beautifying the area with landscaping and street restorations. The PPC would like to restore lighting, curb appeal and to develop a park, but can only do so with the help of the community.

There is growing interest in Parksville's developments, but we need your voice to support the PPC. The PPC developed a website http://www.parksvilleny.org where you can see their mission statement. The plan is to make Parksville the first planned community in Sullivan County, a walkable hamlet with stores, bank, grocery, pharmacy, medical offices, clothing stores, etc., as it used to be. There are concrete proposals for zoning and a reasonable tax rate that will stimulate a well-developed, self-sustainable local community. Parksville is in a unique setting - easy on, easy off access to an Interstate. It is nestled in a beautiful valley. There is a Rails to Trails that is currently a project of the PPC where the O&W Railroad used to run. Parksville was once one of the most popular destination spots in the Catskills.

Please sign this petition to show your support for a planned community in Parksville in a concerted effort to assist in the re-growth of Parksville, and ultimately contributing to the re-growth of Sullivan County.

We, the undersigned, support the efforts of the Parksville Planning Committee to make a planned community in the hamlet of Parksville, NY.

Please assist them to revitalize a once thriving community that was a landmark in Sullivan County.

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