#Local Government
Singleton Shire Council

Singleton Shire Council has proposed to sell of many parks and land in the Singleton Community. They are claiming that this land is ‘under utilized’. Many of the parks and land was gifted to the Singleton Shire Council by developers because the SSC felt there was a need for open space. Why is this issue no longer important?

The parks and land in the Singleton are a key contributor to the attraction and beautiful atmosphere we are so lucky to live in.

Once the land is sold it will be lost forever. You can not place a value on our beautiful parks and land.

The land and parks belong to all of us. Don’t let Singleton Shire Council sell our parks and land!!

We, the undersigned, call on the Singleton Shire Council to cancel thier proposal of selling OUR parks and land.

Once this land is sold it will be lost forever. We find it disturbing and ignorant of the council to sell off the very thing they claim they are trying to sustain.

We do not want OUR parks and land sold!!!

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