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Here in America thousands of family's are in limbo waiting for their child to get the correct diagnosis, treatment and help for their child. The states control most of the beds in residental facilities by contracts. Yet most doctors dealing with these kids don't either understand what to do to help them or wont give diagnosises because of the child's age. I find it unfair that kids who are found unhelpable must be sent to family or the state to get treatment and to keep siblings safe when states like New York have the Child Mind Institute that is making break through all the time. Where is the help for our kids? The country wants lower crime rates, more people being productive citizens yet at a young age they drop the ball. If the country would focus on our children then the future would have less problems.

We, the undersigned ask the United States government to help our kids with mental health care. Give us more non state beds and more laws for these facilities hiring people to care and help our kids. We ask for lock down facilities and residental facilities with doors and windows that can be treated as lockdown. We ask for more staff, and that the staff be mental health aides and not just some one with a degree in anything. We want better communication with all parties involved and We want better care so that the first time one of our kids go into a hospital or residental or outpatient is the last time they have to go. We want real help not a bandaide fix.

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