Government and FaceBook

Most of you are aware of the new social and online craze "neknominations", drink whatever it is the victim can find or has been dared to drink by others and then nominate another person to do the same.

There have already been 2 reported cases of this "game" that have resulted in death. As a parent, these acts of peer pressure just to fit in with what others are stupid enough to do is very worrying.

I am asking all parents and people who are against this act of stupidity to sign my online petition, like and share it for others who are as concerned to sign as well. Also for anyone who witnesses an act of "neknominations" to report it to FaceBook and get it banned and removed and to get these people blocked from all social networks.

I am sure none of us wants our child/ren to become a victim of this act. Thank you all

We, the undersigned, call on the government and FaceBook to take action against all acts and participants of "neknominations" to protect our children from harm and possible death.

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The Parents and People against "Neknominations" petition to Government and FaceBook was written by Claire Vincent and is in the category Culture at GoPetition.