#Children's Rights
Administration for Children and Families
United States of America

July 28, 2005

The welfare system was created to give individuals and families a "boost" in times of need. For those families that are raising children as single parents, that "boost" was to be replaced by Child Support.

Yet, it remains that our "boost" has been snatched from underneath us, and we are freefalling through life. Those of us that strive for greatness, obtain a college education, and gainful employment are penalized with deductions in our support.

Why is support terminated at 18 years of age? Does the child, now grown up, no longer belong to the noncustodial parent? If I must support my son through college, why shouldn't his father? Why do custodial parents not get at least a minimal increase during months of pertinence: i.e. August-back to school, month of birth, or Christmas? These periods are particularly difficult times financially for single parents when the noncustodial parent does not acknowledge them. My particular situation, while odd, I'm sure is not unique. My child's father does not celebrate holidays, therefore he buys nothing for my child on his birthday or for Christmas, and to date, he has not explained to him the reason for his lack of acknowledgment. So as I struggle to gather school supplies, clothes and shoes, and plan a decent Christmas, he lives a carefree life, for in his eyes, his childsupport takes care of everything. The reality is, after paying daycare, there is less than $100/month to "support" my son.

Many single parents have attended college, as I did, in an effort to improve the lives of our kids. Despite our best efforts, the system is designed for us to fail! The better you do, the more you achieve, the less support you are granted. I refuse to be a failure! By supporting this petition, you are giving a voice to the needs of children across America. So many people fight for the rights of children in other countries while the children here continue to suffer. I refuse to struggle while my former partner donates pennies to the welfare of my child! We can wage war against this system, and one way or another, We will win!!

We, the undersigned, declare that there are many improvements needed in the childsupport system. We want equal support laws; no one parent should shoulder the burden of care for a child. It should be mandated that noncustodial parents deposit some form of support into the accounts of their children from the ages of 18-21 to assist in their pursuit of higher education.

Finally, by no means, should any custodial parent be penalized, with a reduction in child support, for aquiring an increase in salary or advancing their education. The child was created equally and should be supported equally! I cannot win this battle without your help. Parenting lasts a lifetime!

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