#Children's Rights
Municipality of West Nipissing, Ontario Canada

If more people knew about how Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive parenting works, and how damaging these behaviors are to children, then more people can help deal with the problem.

With awareness and education will come social change. Just as now one can't slap a child, or smoke while pregnant, without everyone knowing that is not acceptable behavior, when social change happens, parents behaving in parental alienation or hostile aggressive parenting behaviors will be recognized. These adults will understand how their behavior hurts their own children, and if they choose to do it regardless, they will not be able to get away with their behavior as easily as today.

There are many professionals such as judges, lawyers, psychiatrists, teachers, police officers, as well the general public that have no idea this problem exists, or if they do, don't realize the harm it does. The aim of the Awareness Day is to make everyone aware of these problems and encourage the alienating, hostile aggressive parents to seek help.

With awareness comes education, and with education, comes the power to stop the mental and emotional abuse of children.-Sarvy Emo

Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting involve a series of behaviours that can effectively alienate a child from a parent. They are often seen in the context of high conflict divorce or custody cases, and are done by a third party, such as a parent, step-parent or extended family. Such behaviours interfere with the bond between a loving parent and child.

These behaviours can include speaking negatively about a parent to or in front of a child; interfering with communication and visitation; moving and leaving no contact information; allowing children to make inappropriate decisions, such as if they want or don't want to see the other parent; and discussing inappropriate information with a child, such as details of the marriage, court proceedings, and financial matters.

The most common response of a child exposed to alienating behaviours is extreme resistance to contact with, or fear of, a parent without any justifiable cause. These behaviours are both painful and destructive, and can leave deep and long-lasting emotional scars on a child. Research has shown that children who have been alienated from a parent show a greater percentage of depression, low self-esteem, drug and alcohol problems, and difficulties in their own relationships. This in turn, will be reflected in our Community as these children grow.

While not everyone agrees on the terminology, most mental health and legal professionals acknowledge and agree that alienating behaviours, such as those above are damaging.

These behaviours, designed to take advantage of a child's suggestibility and dependency, leave a child feeling confused, frightened, and insecure. They can result in the loss of a relationship with a previously loving, supportive, and nurturing parent, and, in fact, send a message, that the half of the child that is that parent is unworthy. The child has "lost" a parent, but is given no permission to grieve.

Parental Alienation behaviours, under the term, Parental Alienation, must be recognized, understood and addressed, to allow a child to love and be loved by both parents, regardless of the parents' relationship to each other.

We urge Mayor Joanne Savage to learn more about Parental Alienation, and we invite her to visit http://www.PAawareness.org We ask that she issue a Proclamation declaring April 25th as Parental Alienation Awareness Day in the Municipality of West Nipissing.

For the sake of all children to be able to give and receive all of the love they deserve, Thank You For Your Consideration.

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