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Back in Aug of 2015, The Salisbury council SA sent out a letter to all its residents advising them that Paralowie had been identified as due for an Upgrade in the Councils "Reserve Upgrade Program". This never eventuated , and the Council utilised funds towards a shared option with a Private school in the area with upgrades towards its fitness programs, by installing randomly placed fitness machines. Due to the fact that Paralowie is an 20+ something older suburb, the area was only ever fitted out with the basics of Playground equipment for children back in the day . As the years have gone by , very little has been done whilst New areas being established as the wider community grows, i.e Munno Para, BlakeView , etc etc. These Suburbs are having the latest and greatest Children's slides, swings etc installed as part of keeping children active ( Which we all know , the Government is pushing for us to do.) which are up to a safety level and condition that this area is missing. Parents need somewhere close that they can take their children to, in the suburb they live in.

I ask you to sign this petition and make the Salisbury Council stand up for what they led us to believe they endeavoured to deliver in 2015, and give our children somewhere new and safe to play.

As new areas that are developed are including NEW reserves and Playgrounds for children, it was only fitting that with such a large allotment of unused land in the Paralowie area on FAIRBANKS DR be used for a Childrens playground. The Salisbury council sent out a letter to its residents advising the the area was due for upgrade. This never eventuated and the land to this date still sits unused , although i had received a reply from the stating ...

"thank you for your post. I have contacted the relevant team and the response is: "The large portion of the Reserve Upgrade has occurred with the delivery of the irrigated turf area and walking loop and fitness stations on the southern portion of the reserve. The shared use area with the adjacent schools (Temple and Bethany)." Council made the decision to postpone the other works until a future date pending the outcome of other development in the area" .

Bethany/Temple is a privately run school and has had in excess of $900000 of funds allocated to it in the last year. Our Children are entitled to a decent playground in this suburb, and we as Tax Payers and Rate payers demand the Salisbury Council stand up and do something about this.

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