Rotherham Council
United Kingdom

When a like-minded person went into Aston Community Library to enquire the date of the annual Halloween activities they were told all Halloween festivities had been prohibited due to recent complaints from some religious believers who had apparently been offended by the decorations.

The Public was then told that ALL Rotherham Libraries had been forbidden from decorating and doing activities concerning Halloween.

Recently the Rotherham Council has prohibited Halloween (or Samhain) decorations and activities in public libraries in Rotherham, as to not offend other religious communities.

Unfortunatly, this has brought about much offence in the Pagan community (as Halloween is the Pagan New Year) and others who enjoy the Halloween festivities. Some have said that the ban of decorations has made it easy for people to forget the importance and meaning of Halloween, in some words making it 'another comercial holiday'.

Halloween is special for most people and celebrating it by decorating and doing activities in public places should not be banned.

Please sign this petition to put back the magick in Halloween.

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