President Noynoy Aquino, Malacanang Philippines


The Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) approved in a resolution dated June 21, 2012 a new set of requirements regarding fees, admin civil penal sanctions, liability malpractice insurance applied to foreign medical professionals who are conducting humanitarian medical missions in the Philippines. The PRC is an office attached to the Office of President Noynoy Aquino.

Although, some Filipino professionals may opt to renew their old PRC medical licenses for the purpose of qualifying as non foreign practitioners, however, there is a requirement to pay a penalty equivalent to the number of years they allowed their license to expire.


“To me this is R.I.P. to our enviable, proud tradition of giving back to our less fortunate fellow countrymen” Dr. Juan Montero II of Chesapeake, Va.

“When the requirement becomes too difficult, less physicians will volunteer their time to join medical missions” Dr. Zorayda Lee-Llacer of Maryland

The need for help from overseas Filipinos couldn’t have been more relevant with days of torrential rains flooding large parts of the Metro Manila region and surrounding provinces


"several missionary groups have cancelled their forthcoming Medical Mission...we feel we are unwanted...subjected to superfluous admin, civil, criminal & malpractice liabilities. We do not wish to be subjected to unscrupulous/frivolous medical lawsuits in our humanitarian medical services" Dr. Cesar D. Candari of Henderson, Nevada

We, the undersigned on behalf of the medically indigent Filipinos, respectfully urge President Noynoy Aquino to rescind the new requirement of the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) in a June 21, 2012 resolution regarding Humanitarian Medical Missions conducted by Foreign Medical Professionals.

We believe that subjecting the medical mission members to more red tape and additional out-pocket expenses will discourage many volunteers from participating.

We, the undersigned believe that requiring foreign medical professional volunteers to carry medical liability insurance is akin to opening a pandora's box, since it will unnecessarily expose them to frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits, unscrupulous lawyers, hold travel departure orders, corrupt government officials, slow court system and other difficulties. Truly, a sword of damocles hanging on the head of samaritans who are simply trying to help their kababayans.

We, the undersigned believe in the urgency of our petition since medical missions require months of preparation. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

Therefore, we the undersigned submit this petition to His Excellency, President Noynoy Aquino.

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